Leopard Population and Home Ranges

We are currently studying our leopard populations, through camera trap grid based surveys. Leopards face human persecution in southern Namibia, a region of extensive livestock farming for the past 150 years, and are often trapped and killed for suspected live-stock predation. With no scientific research carried out in the area, It is crucial we understand the ecology of these elusive creatures to determine whether populations are locally declining, breeding and predating on livestock. We also collect date on prey preference, by collecting leopard scat and carrying out dietary analysis. Based on these findings, we can develop conflict-mitigation strategies through education, improved husbandry techniques and revenue generation through tourism.

Camera Traps

Oana, has been extensively farmed and hunted for the last 30 years, we are currently conducting biodiversity surveys on the reserve to understand the presence of fauna. One of our main surveying techniques is the use of camera traps which remotely monitor the area. 

Ecological Monitoring

We monitor our birds, mammals, reptiles and their habitat through direct observation, transect game counts, sampling techniques, botanical surveys and fixed point photography.