We aim to be a hub of knowledge for Southern Namibia where conservation research is much needed. There are no studies done in our area, no research papers written and hardly any scientific observations. We welcome researchers for all around the world who want to explore and help us understand our ecosystem. So far we have invited Scientists and students from The Namibian University of Science and Technology in Windhoek to initiate or supervise research projects at Oana. Our school and gap year expeditioners continue to collect data on the research projects and contribute to the ongoing studies. 

Current Friends

Dr Morgan Haupfleisch Senior Lecturer at NUST - Oana project: baseline survey of small mammals, large mammal movement patterns & Gemsbok social organisation.  

Dr Shirley Bethune Senior Lecturer at NUST - Oana project: Mini SASS, to determine the ecology of the Orange River

Francois Theart - Oana project: baseline surveys on reptiles

Mandy BSc student at NUST - Oana project: GIS habitat maps