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What we do


We lead 2-5 week adventure conservation expeditions in Southern Namibia for naturalists worldwide. We offer a range of expeditions tailored at gap-year students, university students, mature nature enthusiasts and school field trips. Our school field trips are bespoke and focus on biology and conservation or building leadership skills. This is the perfect opportunity to get off the grid and explore true wilderness with a great bunch of people. 

We merge cutting edge conservation techniques with local knowledge to carry out effective research and solutions to re-wild some of Namibia's most magnificent habitat and protect it's endangered species. Go on... join us!


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The renowned conservationist Ian Craig and the leading mega-fauna veterinary Pete Morkel recently secured 45,000 hectares of land for the sole purpose of conserving Namibia’s wildlife. Their vision is to re-wild the land, link up with neighbouring conservancies and one day turn the greater protected area into a National Park and a home for Namibia's endangered wildlife.


Oana's habitat is semi-arid mountainous desert in the Nama-Karoo biome encompassing 50km stretch of the Orange River. We are home to some of the most iconic species of flora and fauna such as the Quiver tree, the African leopard, the Greater Kudu, Brown Hyena, Caracal, Oryx, Honey badger, Aardvark, Giant Kingfisher and the African Black Eagle. 


Little messages from past expeditioners

Amazing, unique and unforgettable experience
— Sophie 2016
A once in a lifetime experience, great mix of conservation, community work and adventure
— Olivia 2016
Once in a life time opportunity
— Sam 2016
Best trip ever!
— Monty 2016